Ice Skating

Ice skating is one of the most exciting activities out there. It's not known commonly know as a fitness weight loss activity, but it's a nice way to get outside of your home and get some exercise while still having a nice time. Ice skating is combined of up to two different sports, figure skating and hockey, both of which can offer you a great way to progress in the sport.

Ice skating is extremely fun to do because it let's you feel the cold rush of the wind go straight into your face. This activity can be done with all of your friends and family, so you can expect to have a lot of fun when you're able skate along with each other holding hands. It has been reported that those who spend around an hour of ice skating actually lose around 300 amounts of calories and even more if done rigorously, so it's a great way to keep yourself healthy and fit throughout the winter holidays. Just twice a week during the holidays will help keep you away from gaining too much weight when eating at all of those Christmas parties.

This sport requires lots of balance and quite the upper body strength, so it isn't the easiest sport out there; however, it's a nice way to get out of the house and just get some fresh air with your friends. Ice skating has been existing ever since the late 1800's, so it's been providing a good amount of smiles for more than a hundred years of ice skating.

The activity is quite rigorous, but can provide a good amount of fun for your family. It's truly breathtaking when you skate fast with you and your friends learning how to skate. Ice skating is also known to be a good way to get a girl friend because many women are quite helpless on the ice and desire a strong helping hand of a man. But be careful, you may soon need to know how to get rid of a hickey if your skating abilities become too good.

If you want to have a nice day of fun, come out to the park, strap on some skates, and enjoy the night.